On Corona in Boone

Everyone is being affected by Coronavirus. My university has moved to exclusively online classes with only one week to prepare, restaurants are mandated drive through or pickup only, and I am not allowed to work at one of my jobs. But it sure doesn't feel like it.

As I make the poor choice of getting Taco Bell again, I notice flyers on the door that I can't read from afar. But while ordering, paying, and receiving food, the employees are not acting as if anything is amiss. I make a small effort not to touch them, but they're still handling food and credit cards without gloves.

On the way to the bad decision, I see construction workers still busy putting together new student housing apartments that will go for $900 a month. They're walking to lunch without practicing social distancing staying at least 6 feet away from each other. It sure is strange!

This is not an indictment of any of these workers, I am not saying that they are doing a bad job or committing crimes by not being careful; what I am saying is that in a small town like Boone (yes, it's still small despite the university) news seems to have less pull. All the toilet paper is gone, but no one is taking anything seriously. I've been trapped in my house by virtue of being a sentient zoomer, but no one else wants to follow suit.

I am curious about many things: when the virus hits Boone, what will happen? Will any of the progressive reforms that are required to sustain our "society" also reach Boone? I have a feeling that everyone will just try to "tough it out" just like they have for hundreds of years. It's a little scary not knowing the future. But that's the way it is with this outbreak.

A small note on this blog: I've had so many things I've wanted to write about in the last few months but I have had trouble finding the motivation to start a post, or even start researching. I hope being trapped inside will convince me to be more productive.