My Incredible Journey

Some two years ago, I started work on a Discord bot. I had in mind a program that would display patch notes from Dota 2. After adding tons more features and fixing the resultant bugs, the robot grew into what it is today: an elegant medium between OpenDota and Discord.

However, after starting college, I found I needed to organize my priorities. Choose three: Going to class, doing homework on time, spending time with amazing friends, and maintaining the bot. I felt extremely burned out after busy days of classes and socializing. listen-bot fell into a state of disrepair, only being fixed when there were major inoperable bugs (even then, nextmatch and streaming still don't work).

With this in mind, I have decided to sunset listen-bot. Starting March first, it will no longer be responding to commands. I apologize for any inconvenience this decision will cause, but ultimately I need to focus on other things. I have definitely learned so many things through this journey. If I continue to pursue a computer science degree at my college, I will have so much experience to look back on during my higher level classes.

Luckily, a friend of mine named Malcolm Diller has written a similar bot called MangoByte. You can add it here: MangoByte

Additionally, you can contact me on my server here and ask me questions:

Thank you so much for financially and emotionally supporting me through this journey. I'll always remember all the friends I've made through developing listen-bot. Yours truly,

Cassandra McCarthy